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Online Casino Industry Trends

As more players enter the world of online casinos, industry is growing faster than ever, bringing new opportunities and features. Users are now able to enjoy games on-the-go via their smartphones and other devices, companies are shaping their casinos to respond to gamblers growing expectations towards user experience, content, increased security and so on. Nowadays everything is on a constant move, explore what kind of journey online casino will take you on!

Online casinos now available on multiple devices

It seems that every industry is going through these changes, and, of course, online casinos are also keeping up. It’s been almost six years since mobile casinos were introduced. Now playing habits of online gamblers are drastically shifting from desktop to other devices, like smartphones and tablets. This ensures the opportunity to play games wherever you go, and the majority of players are embracing it.

Answering this demand, companies are trying hard to offer well developed mobile versions of their websites, ensuring qualitative user experience.

Raise of live dealer casinos

One never changing expectation from users is to enjoy online casinos and have an experience like in traditional land-based venues. Inevitably came the raise of live dealer casinos. This means a certain game is happening live and is managed by a human dealer in a video stream. Not only you can enjoy the most popular online casino games live – Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and others, but also chat and interact with the dealer and other players at the table.

Virtual reality stepping in

Furthermore, taking care of genuine casino experiences, online casinos connected with features offered by virtual reality. They are available to players right now, still there is a lot of room to grow. Virtual reality casinos now offer slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker, but it will continue to develop and make a bigger deal in the near future.

Right now, it is not cheap, but it’s affordable if the most enthusiastic online gamblers want to get the glasses on. This takes joy of games and interaction with others on a new level.

Good news for strategy lovers

Ever dreamed of a casino game where you could influence the result? Besides traditional Poker and Blackjack where you can part between few cards, more strategy is entering online casinos this year. Contrary to traditional casino games of chance, this means games with outcome that depends on players skills not luck. It doesn’t state that future casino players will be mathematicians, but fun of gambling will go hand in hand with strategy, exploring and challenging yourself.

Exciting storylines in themed casinos

Even though online casinos already come in endless shapes and sizes, more content push is coming in. Users want to see themed casinos with content related to their favorite characters from popular culture: TV series, comics and movies, even food and brands. This means not only a visual build-up, but further development of story lines and thematic videos throughout the game.


As paper and coins are slowly moving away from our everyday lives, the world of online casinos is greeting cryptocurrency as a good fit to alternative payment methods. This makes sense due to its growing popularity and digital nature, which provides users with more transparent view on transactions and ensures safer and faster payment process in general, adding smaller fees on no fees at all.

What is happening in online casino industry today?

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