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Casino Game Review

Online casino realm grabs you into exciting adventures and thrilling entertainment, it has sooo much to offer, but you never played a game before? Or have stuck with one game for too long? No worries! Explore the most popular online casino games in our review, by reading a brief description of each.


A lot of gamblers enjoy video slots and for a reason – there is something attracting to sparkling lights and spinning reels. Slot machines are probably the main association in your mind when you think of casinos. They’ve been around for quite some while and due to their popularity new themes, bonuses and other features are coming out every day.

As in traditional casinos, playing online slots you place a bet and watch the reels spin. Most basic slots have three reels, but now more popular are five-reel versions. When the reels stop, look at the symbols on the screen – slot payline will connect the winning symbols. Usually there are multiple winning lines, the count differentiates in each casino. There can be not only straight, but also diagonal or zigzag lines.

Video poker

Comparing with slots, Poker requires some knowledge of the game, but it also gives you somewhat control of the result. The aim is to have the most powerful poker hand at the table. Starting, you will receive five cards, you can decide if you want to keep them all or only some; after discarding the ones you picked, you will receive new cards and that’s your final combination.

In Video poker you need a certain rank of your poker hand to get some winnings. We all have heard of Royal flushes and Full Houses. Yes, that’s Poker. It doesn’t take lot learn it and you can play with really small stakes to begin with.


Blackjack is a classic table game and it’s quite simple. The aim is to collect cards to get the sum of 21 or get as close as possible. Blackjack card values:

Starting, you get two cards, one facing up. You can hit as many times you need to get that 21, but if you go over 21, you automatically lose. When you get as close as possible, the dealer starts to play. Dealers have more strict terms, when to have another card or when to sit.

In the end, if there is no clear winner and both have same values, usually players money is kept for the next game.


In brick-and-mortar casinos the loudest area usually is the place where Roulette takes part – you will recognize this game for its signature black and red wheel, and silver ball rolling inside. The order of game: you will place bets on what color and number you believe the silver ball will land to, then croupier spins the wheel and throws the ball the opposite direction. After it lands, winning bets are paid out and the game ends. Roulette is based on pure chance and that’s the most fun part of it! It gained its popularity due the huge payouts, and now is on of the most symbolic games of casinos.


Just like in Blackjack, there is a number, which the players want to reach, but the rules are certainly different. For sure, it is very fun and simple game, and you don’t have to remember endless hand values. Actually, Baccarat is about betting on who will have the better hand, not necessarily reaching it yourself. If you guessed correctly, you will win, even if you didn’t get the better hand.

The goal is to get card hand with the value of 9, or to get as close as possible. Baccarat card values:

If the sum of your card is higher that 10, the first digit gets disregarded, meaning if you have 7 and 8 which equals 15, your hand value is 5.

If you get a Natural, meaning two cards add up to 9 (5+4=9 etc.), you automatically win, unless the dealer or other players also have a Natural. If the results after the first round is tied, each player gets another card to determine the winner.

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